Jazz Radio International – a 24/7 online radio station

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Jazz Radio International – a 24/7 online service

Jazz Radio International is the 24/7 jazz station for relaxing, smooth, abstract and modern jazz. We play music for all jazz lovers.

We feature musicians, bands and composers on Jazz Radio International playing their music. Our current featured artists are Kimiko IshizakaKevin MacLeod and Unheard Music Concepts.  In 2019, Kimiko Ishizaka released an album of 10 pieces that she composed herself. The album, titled ‘New Me!’, features jazz harmonies with classical forms. Kevin MacLeod is an award winning American composer and musician. Unheard Music Concepts are a trio from the Netherlands consisting of Han Post, Marc Verhoeven and Daniel Talma.

You can listen to Jazz Radio International using our music player above,  android phone, iPhone and iPad apps, the Zeno Radio app and also the Nobex app, or just by clicking on the stream: Jazz Radio International.


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