Brief History of the 24/7 Online Radio Group

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In the summer of 2015, the 24/7 Online Radio Group produced two international online radio stations providing music 24/7. The first station was Jazz International Radio. After the success of this jazz station we then launched Classic Radio International. These two station genres reflected the musical interests of the team. However, as our radio service provider and station owner, Radionomy, was closing down its royalty fee paying service, we had a relaunch and in December, 2019 we set up Classical Radio International and Jazz Radio International using the Zeno Media platform. We now run a variety of stations playing music with a wide range of genres from jazz and classical music to Lofi and Synthwave.

We only play music under completely Royalty Free Licenses provided and/or purchased from a number of recording rightsholders including composers/creators, music libraries and companies whose works are not registered through the Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) nor Collective Management Organisations/Mechanical Copyright Protection Societies. The payment to copyright holders to stream their music tracks on our stations has been determined by individual, negotiated licenses and/or agreements. This approach guarantees that the creator/producer/copyright holder has received a fee that they have agreed to, for us to stream their works.

We are very thankful to the composers and music libraries for providing non-PRO music for our stations.

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